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Reshaping the future of our world, one particle at a time.

The vision cycle
When waste has value, it transforms from an ecological problem to a financial opportunity. Every landfill contains waste derived from once-valuable resources. What if we could reverse the lifecycle of these discarded items? At Vision Cycle, we mine value from waste, unlocking resources with our energy efficient system.

Break Down Material, Without The Toxins

There are inefficiencies found in modern recycling that pose risks to the environment. Copper is currently extracted from bulk scrap metal by giant smelters. These smelters consume enormous amounts of energy and use toxic chemicals, resulting in a massive carbon footprint. At Vision Cycle, we break down waste containing metals, like copper, utilizing industrial grinders. This sustainable process results in small, pebble-sized pieces of material that are sorted via our hydro-robotic system, The Vision Valve.

The Vision Valve

The Vision Valve represents a digital method of fluid separation without the need for traditional analog methods like filters, membranes, magnets and sludging. We utilize computer vision and real-time data to separate and recover materials from fluid streams. Requiring only a light bulb's level worth of energy and fish tank's level of fluid each day, the Vision Valve leads to higher material yields, at a fraction of the energy cost.

Vision Cycle News  

We are one of 5 winners of the AMD Robotics Innovation Challenge!

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Our Vision Valve technology was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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Vision Cycle is proudly part of the MIT Startup Exchange Program.

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